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How COVID-19 Will Boost the Demand For Coworking Space in Delhi?

Posted by admin on January 18, 2022

Coworking space: Where change comes to work

The above statement stands true for coworking space scenarios worldwide. And indeed the deadly coronavirus pandemic has raised the need for coworking space in Delhi. The pandemic incredibly hit the businesses when situations were already in turmoil.

The year 2020 has been difficult for businesses. The COVID-19 led pandemic has brought unusual challenges over the entire human race. Similarly, business owners worldwide are choosing to entirely cease all economic activities. The virus, however, is excessively contagious, and it seems that despite taking extreme preventive measures, it’s still been a hard situation to curb the spread of this virus completely.

COVID-19 present scenario

Amidst all this situation, coronavirus is not only ‘locking down’ people in their houses but is also affecting the global economy at a relatively faster rate. Above all, coworking spaces don’t just cater to the needs and requirements of remote workers. In other words, they work as a support system for sole proprietors, self-employed workers, and others.

Where most of the coworking spaces have stopped their operations, some others are waiting for the lockdown to lift. All businesses are dealing with the consequences of the drastic impact of coronavirus and coworking space India is no exception. Therefore, it has left businesses and entrepreneurs ponder ways to combat the situation.

Businesses are experiencing a notable shift from traditional working space to well-managed working scenarios in smaller cities. Apart from Delhi, businesses are getting queries from Tier-II cities like Coimbatore, Indore, and Ahmedabad.

How are employees dealing with the situation?

Employees are now happy with telework and are using different methods to make it smooth. That could mean more coworkers and employers are getting comfortable with it. But that doesn’t conclude that all those remote workers are going to work from home forever. In addition, businesses now will be looking for different ways to get back to the coworking scenarios once the government lifts the lockdown.

The ‘new normal’

The ‘new normal’ scenario after the normalization of the situation will be a lot different for businesses. However, there are different ways to bring  the virtual office in Delhi  back to where it belongs, and it may not be as efficient as a pre-pandemic situation. However, it can still be an acceptable solution to handle the current situation. You can do it by following strict workplace norms and principles determined by the World Health Organization.

Final Words

With many people working from home amid guidelines, some would continue to thrive so even after the pandemic eases. The lifting of lockdowns won’t be like flipping a switch; it would be more than that. Some enterprises won’t reopen; some consumerist dreams will hinder permanently. Community strength will be indispensable in helping people re-connect, develop new networks, and support each other. In other words, coworking spaces India is not only affordable but also provides elasticity in terms of the period of rental agreements. One can rent the coworking spaces on an interval basis like monthly, day-to-day, and sometimes even hourly basis.

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