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Going Beyond Preaching and Selling Ideas

Posted by admin on January 12, 2022

We all have been taught and preached or warned about Dos and Don’t s since our childhood. It’s good that we were taught a lot of moral values and the good thing is we all carry all those moral values safe in our mind to transmit or preach to our coming generation. This process has been going on for ages. We have been seeing this moral transmission however, it has not impacted much. Do we see any solid impact leaving exceptions behind?

Most elders want to change in their coming generations but not in themselves. What will happen if we stop teaching, preaching, or selling ideas to people especially teenagers?

Now it’s time to mutate the transmission of these conventional values. It’s a hybrid technical era where everything thing is on the tip of our fingers. Therefore, we need a mutation in our values. Today, two years toddlers are pretty much aware of Mobile’s functions especially YouTube where they need not type and just by clicking on the mic, they get their desired videos.

It happens with most of the parents and they become so happy that they brag saying that my two years daughter/son can run mobile so easily even I don’t know most of its functions. It has multiple effects on children and in the incoming era, no child will be spared of these gadgets where they will search and discover lots of things while browsing the internet. Can we stop them from doing so? No, we can’t. But we can help them with a wee bit of conditioning by modifying their thinking process.

Now the question is, how we will help them modify their thinking process. Here we need some mutations in preaching moral values. As every individual is unique in his own way, therefore, moral transmission should be mutated from person to person. The single formula might not work for everyone. Here are a few alternative ways through which we can help and enable them to think in the right direction without imposing their personal ideas. Help them discover their area of interest and ask them how they can be more skilled in that field then they themselves give answers through which ways they can be adept in. Here, without any enforcement, they accept their own discovery. But the fact is that knowing their discovery may be easy but another step that is accepted is a little bit difficult. This acceptance will occur only then when they will have full-fledged knowledge of the situation as well as its pros and cons. Once the mutated moral values they accept, the third stage comes of digesting or imbibing. Once it is digested properly, it boosts our morale immunity to lead a healthy life as well as inspiring others in society. And if a group of people boosts their morale immunity, the day is not too far when these herds will have effective impacts on stereotyped unhealthy clutches of minds. After all, we all human beings desire this type of society so let’s mutate our values with more openness and democratic perspective.


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