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Top 8 Things to consider while looking for a new Office Space after Covid Pandemic

Posted by admin on August 2, 2022

Top 8 Things to consider while looking for a new Office Space after Covid Pandemic


Covid 19 pandemic has affected our lives in unprecedented ways both personally and professionally. It has given birth to new ideas and shattered old beliefs. The newly emerged concept of working from home was initially thought of as a thing to stay. Experts believed that there will be a lesser need for office space, but with the pandemic striking in and out in waves, people yearned for their office space and wanted to get out of their homes to work in an office environment that is comfortable, safe and focused on their health and wellbeing. So if you are looking for an office space post-pandemic, the major considerations have changed a lot from the pre-pandemic times. We have made a list of things to consider while looking for office space after covid pandemic-


1. Location

Location of the office space is an undisputable long-term concern as you would want to reduce occupational costs and simultaneously keep in mind the commuting time of your workforce because it ultimately affects the productivity of your employees. Rather than going for traditional urban epicenters, you can look for decentralized regional hubs with a fair mix of offices and residential infrastructure. Out-of-town business parks are witnessing an uplift in demand, allowing bigger and cheaper workspaces.


2. Safety and adherence to pandemic protocol


The focus after the pandemic has shifted more importantly to safety rather than the high-end and fancy amenities. You should give priority to minimized touch technology, indoor air quality and better ventilation, and adequate social distancing in the workplace. You might need more space per employee to follow recommended health and safety guidelines, so your space should have the flexibility to be remodeled if required.

3. Flexibility in lease terms


The pre-pandemic leases had rigid terms and conditions and were infamous for their non-flexible payment plans. However, the pandemic has changed the way the world works, and so have the terms of lease providers. The professional office spaces you want to hire should have a flexible and negotiable lease arrangement. You can ask for deferred payment plans also seeing the uncertainty of the pandemic is not yet completely over. 


4. Infrastructure and Amenities


When you are seeking office space, you must take note of the infrastructure. What all physical and technological amenities are being provided along with the main work area. Wifi-connectivity and integrated technology solutions for digital collaboration are a must for any business. Along with that, physical amenities such as parking, cafeteria, lifts, shopping complex, etc help in creating a better work-life balance for your employees.

5. Repair and maintenance.


You should look for managed spaces that relieve you from the task of repair and maintenance and should be the responsibility of the office space provider. Make sure to read the fine print so that you are aware of what all is covered in their regular maintenance and you should not end up paying from your own pocket.

6. High on technology


The space you are looking for should have technologically advanced features that ensure seamless access and contactless entry for your employees into the workplace. Visitor management systems should also be technology-driven and contactless. Touchless fixtures and sanitation stations should be there to keep up with the cleaning efforts required in these times.

7. Sustainable and connected to nature


The building should have ample natural lighting, and access to the outdoors, like private gardens or balconies where workers can spread out. A cafeteria that serves healthy food options and opens to an outdoor dining area can be a major point to finalize the office space. It will be great if the focus is on low-energy technology with an increased focus on alternative sources of power. 

8. Cost-Effectiveness


The cost factor is a great point to consider while hiring office space. You can take advantage of the flexible terms of coworking space rather than taking on long-term leases on your own. Coworking spaces allow for lower rentals and great savings on operational costs and it also provides a more flexible work environment for your employees. In such properties, you get to save on many other operational costs such as IT infrastructure, fitments, housekeeping, and wifi connectivity. You can go for space and cost efficiency by considering moving into co-working hubs.


To conclude we can agree that the success of any business still depends on face-to-face interaction, collaboration, and coworking. So the office space is a vital anchor for you and your workforce to learn, thrive, innovate and inspire. The importance of good office space is even more crucial after the covid times because as humans we crave interaction and good office space is always more welcome than sitting in a spare room behind a webcam. We hope you will be able to square down on your dream office space after going through the pertinent points we touched upon before signing on the dotted line.

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