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4 Biggest Coworking Trends That Will Make Your 2022 Better!

Posted by admin on February 3, 2022

The origin of Co-working dates back to 2005 that made a comeback in 2020 as a flexible, hybrid model. As we march forward into 2022, this workplace concept is believed to be the dominant theme driven by its surprising demand by IT and ITes firms. The race to implement a flexible working model among companies has proven to be an effective strategy to retain and attract new employees.

The urgent change of nature of work was the need of the hour as Covid-19 pandemic hit worldwide. This led to a quick transition to virtual/hybrid working and coworking soon became a popular corporate trend. As various companies adopted this strategy, it has significantly boosted employee productivity and helped companies with immense cost saving.

An interesting find by Coworking Resources states that in 2021, US is the fastest evolving with 3,818 followed by India and United Kingdom with 1,789 and 1,097 respectively. As this year progresses, it is forecasted to witness a tremendous increase in demand by a high percentage.

By now, you would agree that the idea of coworking makes perfect sense and if you’re curious to know how it’s going to share your work-life in 2022, stay glued as we unfold them.

Pivoting to Hybrid Working!

The era of coworking has evolved faster than ever in the recent years and has primed itself for monumental growth in 2022. With the enormous demand of remote working, coworking is on the cards for you this year to make your work-life more flexible.

Here are the latest Coworking trends you should watch out for this year.

  1. Primary Focus: Employee’s Wellbeing

2022 seems to the year of complete evolution of coworking spaces into dynamic spaces that are well-equipped and customizable as per the business needs. It’s a booming alternative for those who are working from home since the pandemic outbreak, where they won’t feel isolated and can work better. This workspace solution has helped millions of people worldwide to increase their productivity and become more people-friendly.

  1. Centralized to Localized Workplaces

The mutated variant of Delta Covid 19 virus caused a havoc in the second wave. With such a severe impact, it greatly affected the business continuity. The closing of centralized offices led to a huge loss in revenue and the regained momentum after first wave. Hence, many companies are de-densifying and leveraging flexible workplaces like coworking solutions spaces to bring the momentum on track.

  1. Specialized Coworking Spaces

To stay on top in the industry, the coworking spaces would expand further as industry specific or cater to a group of entrepreneurs as well. You can expect coworking spaces female-only spaces, coworking kitchens, and rural coworking. This concept of field-centric coworking spaces will lead to similar businesses sharing ideas and collaborating together to ideate game-changing solutions.


  1. Green Workspace Designs

Who doesn’t love to work in green spaces? We do too. You can now look forward to enjoying coworking in the soothing embrace of nature as there would be increased focus on nature-focused spaces designs. This will automatically make employees happier and boost their productivity further.

Closing Thoughts…

As the year progresses, the coworking industry is expected to flourish at a high pace. With these latest trends, it’s time for companies to adopt coworking culture that will benefit business and workforce at the same time.

No matter the global pandemic, the coworking trend remains undefeated. Now it’s time for you to deliver your best and enjoy while you enjoy the flexible space offerings of coworking like never before.

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